Things To Consider Before A Walk-In Cold Room Installation

Cold storage rooms are often known as freezer rooms and really important for the majority of businesses that require to keep raw materials, products, merchandise in a place with cool temperature in order to keep the freshness and quality before sell. Cold storage decreases the growth rate of germs, bacteria, and the spread of infections that might contain raw materials including fruits, food, vegetables. 

Choosing a walk in cold room in London for business must consider some of the major to minor factors varying from selecting the proper location, ease goods delivery, easy access, and able to monitor containment quality on a regular basis so that it produces its best outcome.

Cold storage in London is a process that is generally utilised to preserve raw materials like meats, food, seafood, fruits, vegetables, and other processing food. This can be categorised into a freezer and fridge where one main goal of both types is to prevent microbe growth or in order to keep food quality, control decay, and keep its quality as well as freshness and expand shelf life.

There are 2 Different Types of A Walk-In Cold Room

Sub-zero storage: —

This is applied to stock raw materials under freezing point therefore, it can be stored for a long time.

  • Food that requires to be kept fresh can be stored for a long period of time and is kept at minus 18 degrees Celsius.

Refrigerator storage: —

This applies temperature above zero-degree Celsius in which appropriate for:

  • Fruits and vegetables are preserved for a short period and the temperature is similar to a normal room temperature and no lower than 15 degrees Celsius.
  • Dairy products, meat, and seafood are stocked at nearly freezing point and no more than 15 degrees Celsius.

Below are some of the major points that you should consider before a chiller or a walk in cold room installation. So, let’s check out these points carefully!

Design Aspects

The design of the cold room structure will influence efficiency and expediency. Thus, you must examine and compare various cold storage facilities before you decide on the best fit for your business. The cold room walls will influence the refrigeration performance; therefore, you need to evaluate the module. Ideally, a wall with heavy insulation is perfect for deep-freezing applications while the traditional cool rooms for vegetable storage can be less powerful.

The floor is also an essential design consideration in refrigeration construction. If you install the cold room on a normal floor, ice will build upon the surface. It is disturbing for people who utilise the space and it poses falling risks. Therefore, you need to choose a refrigerator that is compatible with floor heating systems & prevent the falling risk on the floors. This feature will keep the floor free from ice and, consequently, secure. In addition to it, assure that the size, shape, and door design meets your expectations.

Refrigeration System

The type of refrigeration applied in cold room storage is an essential aspect. Usually, cold rooms are maintained by an evaporator that draws heat from the internal compartment and a condenser that discharges the heat. But, different refrigeration systems are derived from this fundamental concept. If you’re interested in a cold room with a particular temperature zone, you have to select clip-on refrigeration. It is designed with the condenser and evaporator in the related housing.

Besides, the remote condensing system separates the two units, therefore, they are attached through pipelines. It is more effective in releasing heat, thus it is suitable for long storage rooms. Well, if you want to install different connected cold storages at a budget friendly price, you might require centralised refrigeration. The system is absolutely perfect for large operations like warehouses and supermarkets.

Temperature Regulation

You have to select a cold room facility with perfect excellent temperature regulation capacities. Ideally, you must have a control panel in which you can set the favored settings, and the cold room must be able to sustain them. In addition to it, try to consider installing a facility with different cool zones for supreme functionality.

If you want to install a walk in cold room for your business, it is always better to a professional cold room installer.