Coldstorrs Handles

These are not the same as your standard door handle!

Hinged or sliding, lockable or non-lockable, these are not the most important questions, when looking at door handles. The vital question is how do I get out when the door is closed and possibly locked.

The internal release and the internal handle are the parts that must work.

Opening “up shop” in the morning you don’t want to find “Bob” who went for a dentist appointment stiff as a board, inside the freezer because he went to get some ice before leaving and couldn’t get out of the freezer.

Internal handles are prone to stop working when covered in ice They might stop the door from opening and could just as easily stop the door from closing. Leaving the door open all night and causing the stock to defrost overnight.

The obvious questions can then be asked:-
Hinged or sliding door – Fairly self-explanatory
Lockable or non-lockable – Again fairly self-explanatory

The final question is which one to choose?
As with most things in life you get what you pay for, although we would recommend that you chose one that is readily available, then if it does need parts or replacement you won’t be waiting long for a replacement.

So if it’s Fermod, Kason or MTC send us a photo, and we will identify the handle. A complete handle or just a spare part. We can supply the part or supply and install.

Remember, the advice and the price is free.