Walk in Coldrooms : An essential guide to inform you better

Storage of products such as edibles and medicines need cold rooms. The Walk in Coldrooms play an important role in the storage of food and medicines. It is also an essential resource for the businesses that deal with the selling, exporting & importing, and storing products. The technology used in the Freezer Rooms is evolving by the day. More controlled and improved cooling and storage techniques are utilised to store products for a longer duration. There are various regulations that need to be followed when operating cold storages.

It is recommended that the temperature of the Chillers where fish is stored must be kept at -30 degreesCelsius. This is the standard regulation in the United Kingdom and has been adopted in most parts of Europe as well. According to the International Institute of Refrigeration, storage temperature for lean fish like Cod and Haddock is -18 degrees C, on the other hand, it is -24 degrees Celsius for species which are fatty like Herring and Mackerel. To maintain the temperature at an optimum level the chilling mechanism must be kept intact. The cooling temperature is different for vegetables and fruits. Usually, the cold room can be considered as a refrigerator which is a walk in having about 100 cubic meters of size. The temperatures for the cold rooms where medical products such as medicines, vaccines, and drugs are stored have different temperature requirements.

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